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Knoxville Flower Delivery

Knoxville Flower Delivery [Free Delivery Available]

It's not very often you run into a florist that can trace roots back to 1865. For over 155 years, Crouch Florist has been serving Knoxville with farm fresh flowers. We're lucky to have such a strong partner near the Smokies that provides all of our customers with free delivery options, a 7 day replacement guarantee, and 155 years of experience! If one of our customers needs a Knoxville flower delivery , Crouch delivers for us!

Florist in Knoxville, TN

Crouch Florist's reputation is as strong as it is old! Their history is embodied by a few fun facts, as one of Tennessee's oldest employers they have some very unique state employer account numbers (think "00021"!) and in certain historical publications you can prominently see the Crouch sign on a main dirt road in Knoxville from a picture dated prior to 1900!

Crouch Florist

(865) 558-0011
[email protected]
1733 Amherst Rd, Knoxville, TN 37909
Mon-Fri: 8-4pm
Saturday: 9-12pm
Sunday: Closed

Holiday hours may vary.

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